Intermountain Institute

The school was established in 1899 to provide rural children an opportunity to attend high school. Beardsley Hall, completed in 1907, housed 40 girls on the second and third floors, a dining hall in the basement, the school’s chapel on the first floor, and a gymnasium in the attic. Slocum Hall was built in 1909 at a cost of $30,000. It housed a swimming pool in the basement, and was the boys’ dormitory. It also held the Institute’s library and reading room until the Carnegie Library was completed in 1919. Hooker Hall, which was the Institute’s administration and classroom building, was completed in 1924 at a cost of 100,000, and also contained a modern auditorium and woodworking shops in the basement. Billings Memorial Gymnasium was the last structure added to the campus, built in 1929 for $40,000. It contained a swimming pool and basketball court.