Eastside and Keithly Creek Cemeteries






Keithly Creek

Eastside and Keithly Creek Cemeteries were difficult to type up. The original transcription of these cemeteries in Midvale, Washington Co., ID, was made by a committee from the Idaho Genealogical Society in 1968. The transcription was made from the Sexton's records and was made on an old typewriter that had serious problems and no attempt was made to proofread. Thus many misspellings occur.

Lois Fretwell has added additional information about those interred in the cemeteries. Below is an undated letter she sent to the Genealogical Librarian to correct the original information.  For additions and corrections from Lois, see notes under Keithly Creek Cemetery.

East Side Cemetery

Surdam, Leon - His name was Truman (see 1880 census of Idaho) husband of Laura, buried in Keithly Creek Cemetery. Leon was his son and is buried at Blackfoot, ID. Truman Surdam was born ca 1833 in N.Y. died summer of 1886. He was killed by a run-away team of horses. He also had a son Truman born after he was killed.

Keithly Creek Cemetery

Snider, Nellie Irene - Her maiden name was PARKE. Her parents were Seth and Romancy (Vale) Parke buried in Cambridge Cemetery.

Stewart, Ella Vira - She went by the name Ella all her life but her real name was Malinda Elvira born in Hannibal, Marion Co., MO. b. 30 Dec. 1846 d. 3 May 1944. Wife of James Stewart. She was the daughter of Mary Jones Mackey, a sister of Thomas Mackey mentioned as the husband of Anna and Lucy. Also a sister of Nancy Elizabeth Mackey Wiggins who m. William Wiggins and Ruth Mackey McRoberts buried in the Weiser Cemetery.

Stewart, James Austin - husband of Ella, father of L. E. Stewart. Age when he died 72years, 1month, 10days. The above information was given to me by Ella Stewart herself.

Wiggins, William E., died 1932 b. in Nebraska. I have a picture of his tombstone and it says 1932. I also went to his funeral. He is the son of Nancy and William Wiggins and Edward Wiggins brother, also a brother of Anna Wiggins Tinsley buried in the Eastside Cemetery. Also a brother of Laura Wiggins Surdam buried in Keithly Creek Cemetery.

Also buried in the same cemetery, William Wiggins b. 22 Oct 1830 Sardis Marion Co., Ky. Died 2 Mar 1908.

Buried in the same cemetery, Nancy Elizabeth Mackey Wiggins, wife of William Wiggins. B. 16 Feb 1837 Pike Co., MO. Died 28 May 1912. She came to Washington Co., ID in 1877.

Mackey, Anna M. was born in Holt Co., MO. Her father was Socrates Moore, who according to the book "Gone Home", a book of cemeteries of Holt Co., MO, is buried in a cemetery at Nampa, ID. She is the mother of Genevra Vestella Mackey Keithly and Clarence Mackey buried in Eastside Cemetery at Midvale. She died at the birth of her daughter Anna E. Mackey Pickett and is buried in Eastside Cemetery.

Thomas Mackey's second wife was Lucy Keithly. Thomas and Mary had a son, probably Mackey, Tommy - Thomas Griffin Mackey b. 5 Feb 1891 d. 19 Oct 1906. Thomas Mackey with two wives had 14 children. He is buried at Hanford, CA.

Mary Jones Mackey, the above Thomas' mother was the first adult buried in the Keithly Creek Cemetery. She was b. 20 May 1813 d. 17 Dec. 1884. There was a baby buried there before she was. Her husband Thomas Mackey is buried in Caton Cemetery, Holt Co., MO.

Keithly, Geneva V., the facts fit Genevera Vestella Mackey Keithly, wife of Joel Levi Keithly.